Power flushing your system can improve the efficiency and reduce your fuel bills, up to 20%.

It will prevent radiators from becoming blocked or pin-holed, which will result in the radiator being replaced. If your radiator water is dirty, this can cause a number of problems with your heating system. The boiler components can become blocked and may need to be repaired. The system can be slow to heat up and the boiler can often overheat. The sludge that builds up within your heating system is magnetised and therefore it will cling to the radiator pipework and working parts within the boiler. The sludge is corrosive and left untreated can become costly to repair.

Are you experiencing any of the following faults with your heating system?

Boiler failing, locking out or noisy?
Dirty radiator water?
Cold spots on radiators?
Noisy pump?

If so, you need your system power flushed. We would also recommend a magnaclean filtering system is installed, after the powerflush, to maintain the water quality within your system. Ask for a powerflush quote by filling in the form on our home page or call us on 0117 3215010.